After I have completed a reading I ask the client to give some feedback in my Quotes and Testimonials book. Here are some recent testimonials vouching for my talents and the power of astrology to help you understand yourself and the world around you.


” Absolutely fascinating stuff delivered with flourish! Should be a science! “



” This was amazing, it described my traits to a tee and now i understand more why my star sign traits are slightly different. Very well explained – Rik is terrific “

Vicci and Aimee Mother and Daughter Synastry Reading

vicci and aimee mother and daughter synastry

Vicci – ” Very interesting reading. Spot on with some character details and made a lot of sense. Thankyou. “

Aimee – ” Realy enjoyed the reading, was sooo correct. Will definitely recommend it. Thankyou. “



” An incredible experience and very inspiring. Thoroughly enjoyed learning and understanding things about me and around me. “


” Very accurate description of my personality and good information relating to the relevant planets. “



” Very informative, a good introduction and has made me want to learn more. “



” I found this so amazing, really, really enjoyed every minute of it, and also learnt a lot. Thankyou! “

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